Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Online Sponsoring methods for recruit SFI affiliate

As we all already know, Sponsoring is essential in building SFI business.
There are many online methods to start sponsoring SFI, but I want to share 3 simple ways that I hope could help our team member who are new to online marketing.

1. Social Media
One simple way to attract new affiliates is to get your SFI business out there via Social Media marketing. Build a presence for your SFI business on popular networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and others.
This can be a good way to recruit affiliates. Social Media Network can puts you in touch with millions of viewers around the world, that makes it a very powerful marketing tool.
NOTE: Some Social Media are no longer allowing affiliate URLs link to be placed on their website. Mostly affiliate URLs link will be identified as spam. To anticipate this you need a Domain Name forwarded to your SFI gateway link http://www.sfi4.com/xxxxxxxx/FREE. 
See your SFI gateways here https://www.sfimg.com/MyAccount/GatewayList

2. Online Affiliate Marketing Forum
There are a few forums dedicated to affiliate marketing. Although you need to check the forum policy before start posting in. Consider to make a nice short ad about SFI so people will always see when they read your post. You do not have to create topics to draw attention. You can post replies to other people's topics and offer them some information about the issue. The more replies you give to people, the more your name and your ad will be viewed. 

3. Online Advertising
Consistent advertising also works for recruit affiliates. You could select 3-5 advertising sites and post your SFI business consistently. If you could not post everyday, 3 times a week could bring a good result. 
Peoples always underestimate advertising link with long and numbered URL. This is another reason you should have your own domain name forwarded to your SFI gateway.
There are a lot of advertising websites offering free or paid advertising. In my opinion free advertising works, but paid advertising works better. Paid advertising will save your times and will get results faster.

Besides Online Sponsoring methods there are another method that I believes could be the most effective method of sponsoring. Promote your SFI business to your family members, friends, relatives and your colleagues. Why ? Because they all know you in person, soon after your SFI business begin to grow they will tell others about your success, and your SFI business may spread everywhere with their help.